What is Fit2Win Wellness?

What is Fit2Win Wellness?

Fit2Win Wellness is designed to strategically "incentivize" employees' wellness success by using powerful learning tools, application "gamification", and fun challenges to motivate, educate and activate each employee.

How It Works

  • Fit2Win Wellness is based on incentivizing every person's efforts and participation.
  • Individuals join teams to compete as each person selects goals from a vast selection of challenges.
  • Employee motivation is energized as their personal and team points grow.
  • Highly-effective PDFs are provided to offer the monthly "plan" and additional topic info.
  • Each week a new wellness video is posted from your Fit2Win Wellness Coach, Dean Rosson.
  • Articles from nationally recognized wellness experts are posted several times per week.
  • Nutrition: Effective and proven diet and nutrition strategies are presented throughout the year.
  • Exercise: Workouts and cardio routines are provided for every fitness level.
  • Spouses are encouraged to participate (since they are also on the insurance plan).
  • Even if employees travel, telecommute, or live in another location, they can participate at the same level as everyone else.

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