Fit2Win Is Your Employee Wellness Solution


Unhealthy Employees are Expensive!


A recent study by Duke University about overweight employees found the following:

• 700% higher health care costs
• 200% less productive
• 13x more likely to miss work
• 2x the number of worker's compensation claims


Other recent studies found:

• Obesity costs U.S. employers $1.5 billion in lost productivity.
• Obese employees experience higher levels of absenteeism due to illness than normal weight employees. (CDC)
• Seventy percent of healthcare costs are preventable.
• For every $1 of health care spent, employers paid an additional $2.3 for employee productivity losses (known as "presenteeism").
• Diet and Lifestyle contribute to over 72% of an individual's health status.
• Every year, unscheduled absences (absenteeism) cost employers $2,650 per salaried worker and $3,600 per hourly worker.
• Most companies are disappointed with their inefficient "wellness" program and they find it difficult to keep their employees engaged for more than a few weeks.
• Healthier employees are 3X more productive. (CDC)

Fit2Win Wellness to the Rescue

Fit2Win Wellness combines the three key ingredients for group behavior changes in a cost-effective way that requires minimal oversight or intervention from  your HR professionals.


Employees are motivated to choose personal fitness goals, group challenges and encouraged to maintain those new healthy choices through a variety of dynamic techniques featured in the Fit2Win Platform.


The Solution Your Employees Want

Fit2Win Technology Creates Healthy Cultures

Engaging experience from desktop to mobile device.

Fit2Win is mobile optimized, so your staff stays connected to worksite wellness at home, or on the go, or in the office.

The best of wellness and technology in the palm of your hands.