Fit2Win Cost Effective

Is Fit2Win Cost Effective?


You Bet It Is!


It's true, Fit2Win Wellness is cost-effective, and is estimated
to offer you over 700% return on your investment!
How's that you ask? ... Check out these stats:


A recent study by Duke University found
that overweight employees require


• 700% higher health care costs
• 200% less productive,
• 13x more likely to miss work.
• 2x the number of worker’s compensation claims
Other recent studies found:


• Obesity costs U.S. employers $1.5 Billion in lost productivity.
• Obese employees experience higher levels of absenteeism due to illness than normal weight employees. (CDC)
• 70% of healthcare costs are preventable.
• For every $1 of healthcare spent, employers paid an additional $2.30 for Employee productivity losses (known as “presenteeism”)
• Diet and Lifestyle contribute to over 72% of an individual’s health status.
• Every year, absenteeism cost employers $2,650 per salaried worker and $3,600 per hourly worker.

It's A Fact:


• Healthier employees are 3X more productive. (CDC)
Fit2Win Wellness will not only boost morale and productivity, we also create healthy employees that save you money.
Cost-effective with a healthy
return on your investment.
Fit2Win Benefits:


• Educated Work Staff
• Lower Insurance Premiums
• Increased Success
• Higher Engagement
• Lower Absenteeism
• More Productivity
• And much more...


A healthy workforce is a hard-working work force
- By Inc Magazine | Suzanne Lucas
You want a healthy workforce! Healthy employees miss
less work, concentrate better when they are there, and
cost you less in insurance fees.

Outsource your wellness.
Most companies lacked the expertise to design and carry
out fitness programs, even though they know that a healthy
workforce is beneficial to their bottom line.

It's critical to appeal to their sense of competition.
Companies can now implemented a program that focuses
on friendly competition. Employees can form teams or
compete one on. The length of the program is more likely
to result in real changes than a single 5k run or month long
fitness challenge. After only one year, companies have
over 70 percent of their employees voluntarily participating.

The end result?
Weight loss and reduced health care costs for your employees.

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