Fit2Win Change Behavior

Change Behavior with "Games"


Proven Power of Gamification


What Is Gamification?


In its simplest sense, gamification is the rewarding of players for performing actions that are important to the outcome of your business such as productivity, health, engagement, and motivation.


It's Really Very Simple:
Select Team Members
Choose 3 challenges
Establish the goals
Earn points

Fit2Win's Gamification Is Fun and Changes Behavior
Gamification leverages people’s natural desires for competition, achievement and status. Gamification is altering user behavior and delivering real results to companies by rewarding users who accomplish desired tasks.


Points, points and more points.
Personal Goals and Team Competition is another fun motivator used in gamification.

Everyone Can Learn, Earn, and Win


It Doesn't Matter Where They Are Located.
In The Office, Across The City... Or Around The World



Employees form teams with their colleague. Teams work together and motivate each other to stay on track.


Teams work together to earn as many points as possible by
• completing challenges
• watching short videos
• taking "quick quizzes"
• reading simple articles
• motivating each other to succeed

Employees at every level and any location are excited to learn, earn and play to win. There are lots of ways to earn points. As each person racks up the points, they become healthier, smarter, and more productive.


As they compete, teams can communicate, share stories, banter with other teams, and even "throw down some additional challenges"

The teams with the most points win the challenge. Each month a new set of challenges begin. Getting healthy has never been this much fun!


Fit2Win Makes Getting Fit FUN!


Peer reinforcement is a key motivator to help players stay engaged.


Educate | Motivate | Active


Fit2Win Ignites Deeper Engagement.


Gamification "techniques" successfully leverages people's natural desires for Competition, Achievement, Status, and Community Collaboration.


Learn, earn, and rack up the points!