Fit2Win Is The Complete Package!




Maximize Employee Productivity!


Fit2Win Wellness is designed to strategically “incentivize” employees' wellness success by using powerful learning tools, application “gamification”, and fun challenges to motivate, educate and activate each employee.


Here's How It Works:





The Fit2Win Wellness Platform provides "Gamification" with incentive point scoring for Personal Goals, Team Challenges (up to 6 people per team), Group Accountability, Status (point ranking), and Social Support to help sustain employee motivation. The points rack up!


EDUCATE:"Game Changer"
We use fun and effective educational tools to drive the behavior of employees on nutrition, exercise, motivation, emotional and lifestyle choices. These tools include effective short videos, pithy articles with "fit-tips", games and short quizzes to ensure usable data is retained for lasting change. And, of course, they get points for this too.


ACTIVATE:"Game Winner"

Fit2Win has the "how to do it" for each employee. We provide a proactive strategy that offers healthy food choices, clear meal plans, exercise routines for every fitness level, along with mental strategies, and dynamic tools and tips to stay on track. And yes, more points!

As the player racks up points their attitudes and behaviors are greatly improved. The end result is a healthier workforce, improved productivity, and a stronger company.


Fit2Win Wellness Works In The Real World!


Fit2Win Wellness applies game-design techniques to health and wellness contexts to drive user behavior. It’s fun, simple and effective!


Fit2Win Features

• Fit2Win Wellness is based on incentivizing every person's efforts and participation: (Point System).• Each person can join a team, select challenges, choose goals, compete for points.

• Each month we introduce a new wellness topic and focus on that single issue.

• Each week a new wellness video and article is posted highlighting a strategic aspect of each month’s topic.

• Highly effective PDFs are provided to offer the monthly “plan” and additional topic information.

• Nutrition: Effective and proven diet and nutrition strategies are presented throughout the year.

• Exercise: Workouts and cardio routines are provided for every fitness level.

• Each company has the ability to customize their platform with company colors and logo.

• Spouses are encouraged to participate (since they are also on the insurance plan).

• Even if employees travels, telecommutes, or is in another location, they can participate at the same level as everyone else.



Dynamic Videos:

Each Week, every employee receives a new 1 to 2 minute video that clearly communicates a strategic aspect of each month’s topic. The videos are created in the highest HD production quality with engaging graphics and content.



Maximum Returns:
The program is designed to “feed” its users in a continuous fashion with video, documents, articles, and other material to educate them on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Minimal time investment, maximum return