Sugar and Cancer

Sugar Feeds Cancer

Starve Cancer by Removing Sugar


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This may be the most important post I have ever offered. Please forward this to everyone you know, especially if they have cancer.

While all of our cells need glucose (a form of sugar which is turned into energy), cancer thrives on a body full of simple carbohydrates (which converts to sugar in the body) and the deadly refined sugars that come from processed foods and overly sweet "junk food".

"If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, one of the best things they can do is remove the disease’s favorite food. Sugar is like Miracle Grow to the cancer cell!"   - Dean Rosson


Sugar Fuels Cancer

Dr. Otto Wartburg and other health experts have been talking about how cancer loves sugar since the 1920s, but surprisingly many doctors don’t tell their cancer patients that as long as they continue to eat processed sugary foods, they will likely have a more difficult time fighting this disease. SUGAR FEEDS CANCER!

The German physiologist, leading biochemist, medical doctor, and Nobel laureate was convinced that you could starve cancer right out of the body. This is something that could significantly change the game.


Must See Video #1:   Beating Cancer:

"How Cutting Sugar Reversed One Man's Death Sentence"

Video #1


Medical Speak: (Try to follow this ...)

Dr. Otto Wartburg's theory was that malignant cells and tumor growth was caused by cells that generated energy via adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a nonoxidative breakdown of glucose (sugar). The recycling of the metabolite from this process called glycolysis and the circulation of adhA back into the body caused anaerobic respiration. This is the reverse of what happens with healthy cells. Healthy, non-cancerous cells generate energy for the body to use through the oxidative breakdown of pyruvate, the end product of glycolysis, which leads to oxidized mitochondria. He therefore concluded that cancer was really a mitochondrial dysfunction. The normal process of respiration of oxygen in the body is changed to the fermentation of sugar. If you remove the sugar, the body should not develop cancer, or will starve the cancer cell.   - (Did you get all that?)


Must See Video #2:   

CBS News - TV Show: 60 Minutes -  "Sugar and Cancer"

Video #2

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on new research showing that sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer.



The connection between sugar and cancer development is certainly not new.

Most people can easily remove the obvious culprits that are full of refined sugar – cakes, candies, cookies, etc. The problem is that many foods which are packaged and sold in the US and in other countries are full of refined sugar, but just very sneakily hidden in the packaging labels. Things like ‘healthy’ yogurt, cereals, whole wheat or whole grain breads, and even ‘low-calorie’ items can be full of sugar.


Must See Video #3:   "Secret Sugar"  - 60 Minutes

Video #3


The easiest way to eliminate unwanted refined sugars is to stop drinking carbonated soda and fruit drinks and stop buying ‘convenience’ or pre-packaged foods. Another provider of sugar and carbs is restaurants – many dining establishments source their food from big companies that ‘season’ their food with lots of sugar and salt to make it more palatable after being frozen and shipped across the country in trucks. Even salad dressings can be loaded with sugar.

To deal with cravings for sugary foods, increase your plant-based and healthy 'free range' animal based proteins (limit red meat, but do not eliminate it) and eat more nutrition-packed foods.

Here's my tips to help - 4 Ways Healthy Eating Prevents Disease.

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