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The Fit2Win Wellness Story
Fit2Win was co-founded by Dean Rosson and Shawn Mahoney in early 2014, however, this incredible story began many years earlier.


Dean Rosson

Dean Rosson has invested over 23 years in the field of health & wellness. As an author, business speaker, certified sports nutritionist, certified fitness trainer and competitive bodybuilder, Dean specializes in transforming individuals, companies and organizations to improve productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Dean is also a popular radio personality and has been interviewed on over 1,100 radio programs throughout the United States and Canada and has spoken to an estimated 12 million people.

His work has been featured on the Montel Williams Show,
Primetime Live and was featured in three PBS specials called Wealth and Wisdom. He is also featured on two DVDs being sold nationwide and is an author of his soon to be released book entitled “Valuable Lessons Learned From a Dumbbell.”

As a renown resource specialist and speaker for the largest CEO organization (Vistage) in the world, Dean has the opportunity to influence CEOs of all size companies throughout the country on issues of personal, and company-wide health and wellness.


Dean and his wife Angela own and operate a growing fitness company in North Atlanta where they and their team of high-energy trainers instruct hundreds of people each day to be healthy and fit.

However, Dean wasn’t always the “notable health guru.” He suffered from a weight problem for the first thirty years of his life. Unhealthy, pre-diabetic, and sixty pounds overweight, Dean had a false belief that inferior genetics was the cause of his problems. After discovering that nutrition was the key to wellness success, he embarked upon a glorious journey to learn everything possible about the truth of health and wellness.

Within three years, Dean had entered several bodybuilding competitions including the Mr. Ohio and the Mr. North America. It is his life mission to bring this transforming message of health and wellness to as many people as possible. The Fit2Win Program is the substance of Dean’s life work of human potential and health transformation.


Shawn Mahoney

Shawn is the owner of an established software development company, a dramatic weight loss mentor, an author, a Vistage member, an avid cyclist, and an active triathlete.

Shawn is a CEO and owner of an operational software company called rockhopper tech. Shawn has successfully grown his business for over 25 years creating workflow software to run the backend operations of cutting edge companies.

Shawn had been suffering from obesity for most of his adult life. In 2008, he heard Dean Rosson speak to his Executive Vistage group about health and nutrition. During the workshop, Shawn learned about the powerful transformation of whole food nutrition, and how to establish a clear strategy for healthy weight loss. Tipping the scale at over 325 pounds, Shawn was ready to make the changes necessary to become healthy and fit.


Eighteen months later and 140 pounds lighter, the new slimmer and fitter Shawn was making an impact on many people. From the beginning of his weight loss journey, Shawn was constantly being asked how he was 'able to accomplish such dramatic success?’. He invested many hours telling people his story and sharing with them the strategic points he implemented. His wife, Paula, and his sister, Melissa, challenged him to write a book about his weight loss story. In 2010, he completed his first book titled, “How I Lost Myself.” (Feel free to order your copy of Shawn’s book here to get his full story). Shawn wrote about his struggles with obesity, his bad health issues, and weight loss. His story is one of his experiences with the people that inspired him to take this fitness journey—including the influence from Dean Rosson during that Vistage seminar many years ago.

Seven years after his dramatic weight loss, Shawn reached out to Dean to update him on his amazing transformation and to grab some coffee... or two. This cup of java turned into an hours-long conversation about their life stories and vision for the future. At that time, neither one knew that they would soon join forces to create this powerful platform to transform thousands of lives.

Although Shawn and Dean traveled different paths, their shared weight loss successes, knowledge, and passion to assist others was compelling. During that first meeting, they discovered their similar visions to transform the health of millions of people by combining proven health and wellness strategies with cutting-edge technology. Shawn was already working with a Medical Doctor and a Psychologist drafting a "brick-and-mortar" executive wellness solution while Dean had been actively developing an online, incentive-based wellness program. It seemed logical to combine both visions into one robust wellness solution unlike any other in the industry. Fit2Win Wellness is that creation!